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Frequently asked questions



TIME&SPACE is a mobile application designed for event photography. It enables users to capture and share moments from various events, fostering community engagement and creating memorable experiences.>> Rewrite this because: T&S is not just an app to capture, store and share photos and videos of events, it’s also a platform to give visibility to your event and easily manage it and build your community creating interaction with the content and among your event participants


How does TIME&SPACE help in reducing the digital footprint?

Our app is sustainably designed, created with efficiency in mind to optimize data storage and transmission. This reduces the energy consumption typically associated with digital activities, thereby helping to minimize the user's digital footprint. Less storage on your phones and on the cloud by reducing the duplication of data.


What types of events is TIME&SPACE best suited for?

TIME&SPACE is versatile and ideal for a wide range of events, from small community gatherings to large-scale festivals. Its features are designed to enhance the experience of any event where capturing and sharing moments or keep everyone up-to-date and connected. We focus on the event goers that might want to go to a variety of events in life!


How does TIME&SPACE enhance community engagement?

The app encourages users to be present in the moment and engage with their community. If someone is already capturing the moment, you can be present as they now have a way to share it with you instantaneously. AND you will know where the professional photographs you smiled to will be available :)


Is TIMEandSPACE available on all mobile platforms?

Pretty much!TIME&PACE is available on iOS (phone and Mac), Android and Web


How does TIME&SPACE handle user data and privacy?

User privacy and data security are our top priorities. We adhere to strict data protection regulations and employ advanced security measures to ensure user data is handled responsibly and securely. Additionally its a core value the way we designed it as we give the users the power to decide on various level who has permissions to see events and pictures. Additionally it's in our vision that users should be the owners of their data


can I use TIME&SPACE for private events?

TIME&SPACE offers features that allow you to use it for private events. You can control who views and shares your event photos, ensuring privacy and exclusivity. Everyone can create their own events - might be limited for free users!


Are there any subscription fees or costs associated with TIME&SPACE?

TIME&SPACE offers both free and premium features. The basic version is free, while premium features are accessed via a subscription model. Details are available on our pricing page.


How can I share feedback or suggest features for TIMEandSPACE?

We value & love our user's feedback and suggestions. Please contact us directly through the contact form and share your thoughts.


What makes TIME&SPACE different from other photography apps?

TIME&SPACE is uniquely focused on reducing digital footprints and enhancing community engagement through event photography. The owner of the pictures is always identified, and we are working on features to fully protect that ownership and authentication of the media. Additionally we organize them by the moment they were taken and position on the map.