Event Master

Event Master



For organizer keen on growing your community and reach

All in essentials but with 2Tb
Identify collaborators & sponsors
Featured event & +1 network reach
Advanced Analytics

Event Master:

In case you organise more than bi-monthly events and keen on growing your community and reach. (COMING SOON) buy now for

48.88€ month or 444€ year instead of 586.56€

  • all of Starter but with 2Tb of data
  • Featured media
  • Add additional co-organisers
  • Detailed agenda with tagging of artists, speakers, photographers etc
  • Promotion of event sponsors
  • Invite your connections +1 network
  • Get featured for 3 days in your city for free
  • Affiliate model - track who invited people out of your network to the event
  • Access to vetted photographers list
  • Advanced Analytics

We are still working on this package! We would like to offer you the VISIONARY package. for 2222€ you get free for life and more* Contact us and let's shape the word together!

€ 48.88 EUR

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